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April 7, 2012
License Notice: Software Maintenance, Support, and Software Maintenance Plans are no longer available for the particular Scribe-iT brand Software plug-ins that integrate with 3ds max, 3ds max design, 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio Viz, Autodesk VIZ, and all Maya host applications. The Software Maintenance term for all affected Scribe-iT licenses shall expire as of their expiration date or by April 7, 2012, whichever is earlier, and this applies to all bundled or integrated Software products, licenses, and components provided with the affected Scribe-iT and Software licenses.

Scribe-iT, Surf-iT, and MicroScribe-MAX Software licenses ("Software") are subject to terms of the most current revision of their corresponding License Agreement(s).
All Microscribe-MAX Software and support was discontinued as of December 31, 2002, with license(s) expired or terminated per License Agreement, or upon upgrade to a corresponding license of Scribe-iT, whichever occurred sooner with respect to the license.

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